Women’s humanitarian association “Duga”

Preservation of cultural heritage through the production and sale of handicrafts

In the center of Banja Luka stands the Women’s Humanitarian Association “Duga”, a testament to cultural heritage, tradition, and community upliftment. This association serves as a confluence where age-old traditions meet modern aspirations, linking generations through the language of art and craftsmanship.

“Duga” has a dual mission: bolstering women and families within the community and ensuring the transmission of the region’s rich cultural tapestry to its younger members. The Ethno Gallery, situated in the city center, offers a diverse range of meticulously crafted items, from radiant souvenirs and attire to classic home textiles. These creations are brought to life through time-honored techniques such as embroidery, weaving, knitting, and crocheting.

More than a mere marketplace, “Duga” operates as an educational haven. Workshops hosted by the association act as platforms where the seasoned hands of older generations share their skills and wisdom with eager learners. Even if these traditional crafts don’t become the primary vocation of these young learners, the insights, appreciation, and pleasure they derive from them remain unparalleled.

When one acquires an artifact from “Duga”, it’s an endorsement of local artisans, an act of safeguarding heritage, and a contribution to the longevity of our cherished traditions. Step into the realm of “Duga” and let each stitch and pattern resonate with the essence of Krajina region’s legacy. 

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