The Social Teahouse

The Social Teahouse is a pioneering social enterprise in Bulgaria, serving as a sheltered workplace for young individuals from social institutions. Its significant social impact focuses on bridging the gap between these institutions and society, fostering integration and empowerment for young people from challenging social environments. The Teahouse’s mission is to create a nurturing space where these individuals can thrive, offering opportunities and tools for personal and professional development. Through activities like serving tea, organizing events, and workshops, it fosters a positive and inclusive environment. The Teahouse’s youth component involves young people from social institutions working in a youth-oriented space, aiming to merge two groups and promote integration.

Address of the Social Enterprise

Varna, Bulgaria, Preslav 53 str.

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ulitsa "Preslav" 53
Varna 9000 Varna BG
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