Social Enterprise in their Communities

Social enterprises are supporting communities, delivering quality goods and services and helping the environment in towns, cities and counties across Europe.

Find social enterprises where you are

Find social enterprises near you who you can buy from, support or visit through the Road Map of Social Enterprises. Whether you’re an entity looking for social enterprise supplier or a consumer looking for products or services to buy – the map is the place to find social enterprise alternatives.
And you can also support social enterprises by promotion of this dedicated platform of social enterprises by direct contacting them and buy from the range of social enterprise products.

Role of social enterprises in their communities

Social enterprises provide a significant impact on community development.

Social enterprises offer a community with a SENSE OF PURPOSE. These enterprises tap most locals as a way to both provide income for them and answer the call of change in their community. By engaging themselves in this kind of social action, they can bring fulfillment to their social mission.

Communities feel more INTERCONNECTED to their fellow residents once they immerse in social enterprising. Establishing a social business like this requires a considerable number of people. Hence, COLLABORATION is needed to be able to sustain the social enterprise in their rural communities.

Social enterprises are also considered as a tool to develop the LOCALS’ SKILL SETS. This business covers a lot of areas – finance, problem-solving, creativity, technical work, risk management, and more. They are faced in a challenging environment. The learnings they get from here can then be used to further community development initiatives.

Establishing social enterprises also opens the eyes of communities to the REALITIES OF THE WORLD. Familiarizing themselves with these issues inspires them to take action into the improvement of their respective communities.