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EcoShop Albania

Eco Friendly

Caritas Vitania

ulitsa "Nikola Vaptsarov" 2
Rakovski 4150 Plovdiv BG


Education, Art and Culture
Cedry 3A
Łódź 91-134 Łódzkie PL


Ναι, εάν και εφόσον εμπίμπτει στην ειδική κοινωνική ομάδα υποστήριξης
Lagkada 196
Stavroupoli 564 30 GR

Agro Iris

Agriculture, Diversity and inclusion, Sustainable consumption and production
Vojvode Brane
Šabac Mačvanski okrug RS


Handmade loom textile manufactory
Shkodër 4001 Qarku i Shkodrës AL

Social Consumers Cooperative of Thessaloniki “Bios Coop”

Leoforos Konstantinou Karamanli 42
Acharnes 136 72 GR

Camping Darzezë


“Super Woman”

Our mission is to create better economic conditions for hard-to-employ categories of women
Zvornik Republika Srpska BA

Etno Rasina

Agriculture, Community development and mobilization, Diversity and inclusion, Employment
Trg kosovskih junaka
Kruševac Rasinski Okrug RS

LE PETIT is a mobile application that supports parents, pedagogues and therapists in the upbringing and education of children. With over 170 audio stories in the form of fairy tales and therapeutic stories that help children develop correct speech, deal with difficult situations, demanding behaviors and everyday challenges. In this way, we contribute to the development of quality education (SDG 4) by strengthening emotional intelligence and providing resources for better understanding and coping with life's challenges.

Coffee Mates

Giving a chance to work to people from vulnerable categories, reducing pollution through the recycling of coffee residues into products of increased value.
Skopje SK MK

“CAMP Education in nature”

education, ecology
Никола Карев
Shtip Municipality of Štip MK

Organic Balkan

The social enterpise Organic Balkan works on supporting the development of the local community, protection of the bee population in the region and harnessing the benefits that result from beekeeping.
Veles 1400 Municipality of Veles MK


Our impact refers to: Social aspect: by implementing digital signage solutions, we contribute to the digital transformation of public or private areas, making communication with citizens or clients more efficient and transparent. Environmental aspect: when developing products and solutions for our clients/users, we carefully consider the environmental aspect. Eduteh doo returns 51% of profits to the local community in the development of digital singage solutions.​​
Sarajevo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina BA