Tichá Kavárna a Cukrárna

Employment, Diversity and Inclusion, Other - Working with disadvantaged groups/people with disabilities,

Have you tried those cakes at ‘Tichá kavárna’ already? They’re beyond words delicious! But it’s not just that! If you wonder why the cafe is called silent, it’s because the waiters that are serving you and the cooks and confectioners that are making your delicious meals are people with hearing loss, and the cafe is proud to be the first one in Prague working with such staff. NGO ‘Tichy Svet’ has made it all possible for this marginalised group – providing an opportunity to learn practical skills and perform a job they enjoy in a safe working environment – in the Silent Cafe (Tichá kavárna) and Silent Patisserie (Tichá cukrárna), and advocating for more social inclusion and acceptance among their customers, colleagues, and general public through this rather unique experience. Recently their delicious cakes also travel to different public and cultural events in a Cafe on Wheels (Kavarna na Kolech). Besides that the staff are always ready to complete individual orders through Silent Catering (Tichý Catering).

Products/Services: cafe, patisserie/cakes, catering

Mission: to provide practical on-the-job skills and steady employment to people with hearing loss, to advocate for more social inclusion and acceptance in the society towards people with hearing loss

Impact: the enterprise trains and employs people with hearing loss and advocates for their social inclusion and acceptance in the society

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