Environment, Employment, Diversity and Inclusion, Other - Working with disadvantaged groups/homeless and ex-convicts

Have you ever wondered how your favourite Eastern European cuisine would taste if it was completely vegan? Or are you just in for a small feast that is also healthy and affordable? Goulash, dumplings, a burger or just a light snack? ‘Střecha’ restaurant has got it all and even more! Beside that, they also offer catering services that would certainly add an interesting vegan experience to your event! Moreover, the restaurant that is run by social cooperative ‘Střecha’ offers training opportunities and dignified employment to homeless people and ex-convicts, and makes sure every employee has an equal say in the running of this cooperative, inclusive, fair and tasty business endeavour!

Services: vegan cafe, vegan catering

Mission: to raise awareness and provide on-the-job training and dignified employment to the most marginalized groups of society, specifically homeless people and ex-convicts, and to advocate for and foster their reintegration into society

Impact: the cooperative raises awareness about some of the most neglected disadvantaged groups in the society – homeless people and ex-convicts, and provides them with on-the-job training opportunities and steady and dignified employment – the cooperative has helped around 30 people since opening in 2018.

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