Bez Obalu Přerov

Environment, Sustainable Production and Consumption

BezObalu Přerov’ is a no-packaging store that allows you to purchase your everyday locally-produced and -grown products, cosmetics and home accessories in the most sustainable way! Not only you can buy as much as you actually need (by weight or piece), you can also bring your own reusable containers or jars to store your purchased goods, or borrow them from the store to avoid unnecessary packaging! Moreover, you can order your goods online and pick them up at the store in the same reusable packaging! Beside offering sustainable shopping experiences and local products, the enterprise also raises awareness about waste reduction through their blog and by providing workshops and lectures on living without waste and environment protection to the general public and is committed to create a more waste-free future for their community! Stop by, buy in bulk and be part of that future yourself!

Products: locally-produced and -grown products, natural cosmetics and home accessories
Services: workshops/ lectures for general public about living without waste and ways to protect the environment

Mission: to provide locally-produced and locally-grown household and food items in bulk, raise awareness about waste and environment protection and encourage customers to shop sustainably and use sustainable packaging alternatives during their everyday shopping practices

Impact: the enterprise raises awareness about waste and aims to reduce it by offering local everyday products for purchase in bulk, supports and promotes using reusable containers and shares passion for living without waste with the local community and beyond – through workshops/lectures about waste-free living and environment protection

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