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Are you a lover of Lavender? No, you don’t have to go to France to experience these scenic purple fields, it’s right in the foothills of the Jizera Mountains! That’s where ‘Levandulovna’ organic farm and social enterprise grows its fragrant flowers and produces all its wonderful healthy products. Lavender essential oils, bath salts, flower water, lavender cosmetics, soaps, teas, syrups, jams, cookies, scented bags and pillows, you name it! Beside contributing to entrepreneurial efforts in the region, the enterprise also provides part-time employment opportunities to disadvantaged women – single mothers, long-term unemployed or disabled, since the owner herself once has walked in those shoes.

Products: lavender cosmetics – oils, bath salts, soaps, flower water; scented sticks, bags, pillows, candles; lavender syrups, cookies, jams, teas; gift sets and gift cards

Mission: to cultivate ecologically-grown lavender with respect towards nature and the landscape, to produce quality ecological products, to apply circular economy principles in the production, to support disadvantaged people with full and part-time employment opportunities

Impact: the enterprise fosters entrepreneurship in the region; provides full and part-time employment opportunities to disadvantaged people – at the moment 3 employees – 2 single mothers with young children and a long-term unemployed man; applies circular economy principles in all stages of production, i.e. the waste from production is used to generate biomass to heat the greenhouse in the winter months, and uses as little or no packaging as possible.

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