Bio Idea

Diversity and inclusion, Environment, Health and well-being, Sustainable consumption and production

Products: Bio Idea produces soaps from natural raw materials without synthetic preservatives, additives and colors. In the production of soap, only vegetable oils are used: olive, almond, sunflower, coconut, palm, and the like. The soaps have all the necessary certificates and are controlled by the Institute for Public Health Batut Belgrade. The offer includes: bio soaps with goat’s milk, bio soaps with shea butter and bio soaps with medicinal herbs.

Services:  Bio Idea is a social enterprise that functions as a cluster of related activities. Within the framework of Bio Idea, small entrepreneurs who are involved in the production of ecological products gather.

Mission: To contribute to the employment and economical empowerment of hard-to-employ categories of women population.

Impact: Bio Idea represents a social franchise that creates new opportunities for women who belong to the group of less employable categories of the population, who get the opportunity to create new small workshops, become self-employed and network. Bio Idea helps with finding space for workshops through established cooperation with local communities, finding initial funds for equipping the workshop of a new franchise through cooperation with centers for social work and other actors. Additionally, members of Bio Idea provide training and help through joint product placement. The franchise is free.

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