Eko Bag

Employment, Environment

Products: EkoBag products: bags, folders, cases, and wallets. In addition to the mentioned products, through the inquiry system, EkoBag also ensures the production of other hand-made materials. In addition to the existing modern design, it is also possible to order the production of products in a custom design.

Services:  In 2010, after applying for a competition to learn to sew, the founders of the social enterprise EkoBag embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure of starting the (then) first company that produces billboards from recycled materials, while creating employment opportunities for hard-to-employ women – women over 45 years.

Mission: To contribute to the ecological struggle in the recycling of indestructible materials and to the social inclusion and work integration of repeatedly marginalized women.

Impact: The social impact of EkoBag is achieved in two categories: diversity and inclusion – through the employment of women over 45 years old, who belongs to the hard-to-employ group affected by the transition, and ecology – through the use of recycled PVC foil for billboards, which normally takes 1,500 years to decompose in nature. As they emphasize, the mission of EkoBag is the promotion of socially responsible business through the management of specific waste.

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