Agro Iris

Agriculture, Diversity and inclusion, Sustainable consumption and production

Products: AgroIris produces domestic dried fruit, as well as chip products made from apples, dried plums and dried pears. A project to expand the range of products to other types of fruits and vegetables is being prepared.

Services:  AgroIris is a social enterprise created with the aim of helping small and medium agricultural producers from rural areas. COOPERATIVE is a brand of AgroIris, created as part of the project “Rural Development after Floods” implemented by ASB Austria with its local partner, the Initiative for Development and Cooperation association, which is also supported by the Austrian Development Agency and the city of Šabac. The floods that hit Western Serbia the most in 2014 inspired changemakers to help small farms recover and thrive in times of crisis.

Mission: To contribute to the improvement of the lives and work of small farmers. Additionally, to contribute to the sustainable models of agricultural production.

Impact: In addition to healthy and high-quality home-made fruit and vegetable products, AgroIris uses the most modern methods to dry and pack products without adding artificial flavors and additives. AgroIris also contributes to the improvement of the lives of small farmers, by returning the largest part of earnings to small farmers to subcontractors through the purchase of their raw materials at an increased price, while the rest is invested in investing and expanding the sales and production capacities of the COOPERATIVE.

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