“Women’s Cooperative” Bijeljina

The mission of the Cooperative, as a social services service, is to help marginalized women, victims of violence, beneficiaries of the Safe House, for the purpose of education, informing women about the labor market and employment.


From the city of Bijeljina, Ženska Zadruga emerges as an emblem of empowerment, tenacity, and positive transformation, representing a profound dedication to the marginalized, survivors, and all women aspiring for a brighter tomorrow.

Central to our mission is the unequivocal objective of enhancing the economic stature of women hindered by societal adversities. Catering to survivors of domestic trauma, sole caregivers, or mature women navigating employment challenges, our cooperative extends a platform that ensures they excel and flourish.

Inaugurated in 2016 by five visionary women, supported by the “Lara” Foundation, Ženska Zadruga has since broadened its horizons, offering comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services for a variety of spaces and a pioneering approach to urban agriculture. Each service, from the precision in tending to living quarters to the cultivation of seedlings and therapeutic plants, is an endorsement of the diligence and expertise of our members.

Yet, our influence is not confined to business metrics. Collaborating with esteemed entities like the Safe House, we deliver education and market insights, equipping women with the essential tools for enduring success. Reflecting our foundational belief, every profit generated is channeled back into the mission that believes in giving every woman a meaningful opportunity.

Engaging with Ženska Zadruga means championing a noble mission: to realize an inclusive Bijeljina and Semberija region, where every woman, irrespective of her past, crafts a hopeful future. By endorsing our cooperative, you are woven into this transformative tapestry.

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