The goal of Greens is to survive in this business with quality, increase production, and promote urban organic agricultural production. We also want to fulfill our social mission by including people with disabilities and other marginalized groups in production processes, and raise public awareness of the benefits of producing and consuming organic food.


In Vogošća, there exists a paradigm of sustainable and inclusive agriculture: Greens. This brand redefines the very essence of cultivation by emphasizing both quality produce and enhanced livelihoods.

In a contemporary setting often dominated by synthetic and expedient solutions, Greens revives the essence of authentic agriculture. The enterprise specializes in cultivating organic micro-vegetables, aromatic herbs, and edible flowers. Each product stands testament to Greens’ unwavering commitment to pristine organic farming and unparalleled quality. With every bite of Greens’ produce, consumers experience the richness of nature, meticulously nurtured and harvested.

However, Greens extends its impact beyond agriculture. Fundamentally, it operates as a social enterprise. The brand’s mission transcends agricultural boundaries, fostering an inclusive environment. Within the vast agricultural domain of Greens, opportunities flourish alongside crops. The enterprise provides an inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities, integrating them seamlessly into its operations. These individuals, vital to Greens, contribute significantly to both production and distribution.

Since its inception in 2018, Greens has been a flagbearer of social entrepreneurship. Their dedication to organic farming transcends mere assertions; it’s authenticated with an OK certificate recognized across EU nations.

For the next generation, Greens offers more than employment. It presents a vision of a harmonious future, one where quality stands sacrosanct, nature remains revered, and every individual, regardless of their capabilities, has a determinative role.

Step into the realm of Greens, where nature and humanity converge seamlessly.


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