Women Artisans – Vau Dejes

The artisans of the small town of Vau Deja have come together in recent years in an effort not only to be self-employed, but also to pass on the rich traditions of the area in the production of traditional clothing, as well as fabrics. Artisan Meliha Zyberaj says that, after 1997, a part of the women of the area united by creating the group “Artisans of Vau Deja”. In the town of Vau Deja, the cultures of the ethnographic areas of Zadrima, Mirdita, Puka, but also Shkodra are intertwined. In the workshop set up by the Zyberaj craftswoman, women work, who with their work bring parts of the tradition of these areas.

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Vau i Dejës Shkodër County AL
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