Mrizi i Zanave

Mrizi i Zanave was built in 2007 in Fishte, Albania. Fishte is a village of Lezhe and it is located in between Shkodra and Lezhe. What makes this place special is that, one of the most famous Albanian Poetry Authors, Gjergj Fishta, was born there. The motto of the Restaurant is “Think Globally, Eat Locally” infusing old traditional Albanian recipes with new cooking techniques and ingredients. What’s incredible about this restaurant is that, they grow everything they cook in their local farm, even the animals. Since Albania has 4 seasons, the menu changes 4 times a year. Altin also made sure to include local farmers in his project. He buys first ingredients from all the local farmers, to use them at Mrizi i Zanave.
One thing that drives people crazy is that you cannot go to the restaurant if you don’t have a reservation and here is why. Since the kitchen uses only fresh products from the farm, they need to know the exact amount of people they have to cook for in a day, so that they can minimize food waste.

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