A beeswax wraps - an alternative to plastic food packaging

Are you looking for a more eco-friendly, health-safe and durable alternative to replace your usual plastic and aluminium food packaging? ‘Vobrousek’ (wax + napkin) offers such an alternative! Quality beeswax wraps of different sizes and bread bags with beautiful prints made from carefully sourced local ingredients are certainly items that would prove its ultimate usefulness in every household. ‘Vobrousek’ combines the antibacterial qualities of beeswax with jojoba oil that serves as an anti-molding agent, in turn allowing the food to be preserved longer. With every purchase you’ll receive a small bag of flower seeds that bees like the most as a little ‘thank you’ to the bees that you can plant yourself. If you feel more adventurous try ‘Vobrousek’s DIY set and make your own beeswax wrap, and if you’re looking for an interesting bonding activity for your team – a beeswax wrap making session could be that one-of-a-kind experience!

Products: Beeswax food wraps, bread bags, beeswax candles, beeswax wrap DIY sets

Services: Beeswax wrap making workshops for teams

Mission: to provide high-quality reusable eco-friendly health-safe food packaging products on the market and raise awareness about bees and the many benefits of consuming bee products

Impact: the enterprise contributes to creation of more environmentally-sustainable and durable products in the field of food packaging, raises awareness about bees and the benefits of consuming bee products



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