Ulaf Ste Coffe Shop

coffe shop

“Ulaf Ste” is the first cafe with sign language in Bitola whose owners and employees are hearing impaired people, which will encourage you to start communicating with sign language. Don’t worry if you don’t know it, because the menus are specially designed to help you order. In addition, guests can try to introduce themselves in sign language through the letters placed on the walls of the cafe. “Ulaf Ste” offers a pleasant atmosphere, good coffee, an interesting menu and by visiting, you will feel good supporting the hosts.

Mission: – opening a job opportunity for people with impaired hearing, but also encouraging them to teach the guests something more about the sign language – facilitating sign language communication and work functioning of hearing impaired people

Impact: – the owners and the workers are deaf people with impaired hearing – the sign language is used as a communication method with the guests

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Bulevar 1-vi Maj 205
Bitola 7000 Municipality of Bitola MK
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