handmane store for arts an crafts

“Esnaf” is social enterprise that combines business and social equality. Their success is measured by the positive social and economic impact they have on the artisans and their communities, especially on the marginalized categories of people that are part of it. Esnaf is also working to create employment opportunities for them. By purchasing Esnaf products you directly contribute to: one artisan to develop his business, a single mother to feed her child, in the fight of a woman against malignant diseases, for inclusion of a marginalized person.

Mission: This store has a mission to make artisans and craftsmen stand together against serially manufactured products that suppress and exterminate crafts, tradition, national wealth and heritage.

Impact: – empowering artisan businesses – creating opportunities for vulnerable categories of people – providing a safe place with dignity to sell their products (no racial, national or gender discrimination) – being guardians of tradition and culture – care for the environment and promotion of green businesses

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