Workshop for the creation of ecological didactic material, which is part of the Association for Helping Mentally Underdeveloped Persons, Banja Luka

Our mission is the employment of persons with mild intellectual disabilities and the employment of persons with more severe categories for 2-3 hours in accordance with their capabilities, which would make this population socially useful. All income to go to the development of the Association, which would allow the Association to have its own sources of financing, and expand its activities with the aim of improving the quality of life of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families.


Located in Banja Luka, the “Workshop for the Creation of Ecological Didactic Material” stands as an emblem of innovation, commitment, and inclusivity. This workshop operates under the Association for Helping Mentally Underdeveloped Persons, further elevating its mission and significance.

Our foundation lies in recognizing the inherent value of every individual, regardless of their intellectual abilities. Through our initiative, persons with intellectual disabilities find a place of purpose. They actively engage in producing materials, thereby showcasing their talents and abilities. 

This engagement offers them a dignified alternative to institutional care, simultaneously contributing positively to our community.

Our clear-cut mission revolves around creating an environment where individuals with intellectual disabilities find employment and a sense of accomplishment. Each didactic item, meticulously crafted from eco-friendly wood and adorned with environment-conscious colors, serves dual purposes: assisting young learners in their cognitive development and sparking creativity.

Choosing our workshop signifies support for a broader vision. It underscores the belief in a world where inclusivity prevails, where every individual can make meaningful contributions to society.

With the continuous support of Banja Luka, we consistently navigate market dynamics, striving for the growth of our initiative and betterment in the quality of life for persons with intellectual disabilities and their families. Our workshop serves as a model for the youth and all those interested, illustrating the power of creativity, empathy, and perseverance in effecting positive change.

Step into the realm of the Eco-Didactic Workshop, where each product reflects human potential, the spirit of resilience, and the heart of community collaboration.


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