With our innovative service, we directly contribute to "reducing screen time", support formal education, develop lifelong skills and healthy habits in children. ​For parents, educators and educators, we are happy to organize workshops and gatherings, in order to improve the education of children outside our center.​


Enter a realm where education extends beyond the confines of textbooks and examinations to foster self-discovery, creativity, and comprehensive growth. Introducing TETA PRIČALICA, Vogošća’s distinguished institution dedicated to the comprehensive development of young minds and talents.

In a time saturated with digital diversions, TETA PRIČALICA emerges as a vanguard of enriched learning. Advocating for reduced screen interaction, we emphasize experiences that cultivate lifelong skills, foster healthy habits, and unleash creativity. Our center is a sanctuary for school and preschool-aged children, offering a vibrant environment for holistic development.

Our vast programs resonate with varied passions. From ballet’s elegance, theatre’s dramatic allure, to the imaginative realm of our evening workshops, TETA PRIČALICA provides a canvas for every emergent talent. Moreover, our summer and winter schools perpetuate an enduring commitment to continuous learning.

Our aspirations, however, expand beyond our facility. Committed to enhancing education’s future landscape, we foster collaborations through workshops and assemblies. Engaging parents, educators, and mentors, we equip them with pioneering tools and methodologies to augment child-centered learning experiences.

At the core of our ethos is inclusivity. We ardently advocate for every child’s right to high-quality early childhood development and pre-school education, regardless of their origin. Our primary objective is to transition every child into formal education equipped with assurance, inquisitiveness, and an inherent passion for learning.

Our distinct edge is derived from our eclectic team composition. By integrating young professionals with notable communication and IT proficiency, alongside seasoned educators, we catalyze an impactful blend of expertise and innovation.

Experience the essence of TETA PRIČALICA and venture into an unparalleled educational expedition, brimming with discovery, enlightenment, and boundless horizons.

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