“Super Woman”

Our mission is to create better economic conditions for hard-to-employ categories of women


Introducing “Super Woman” from Zvornik โ€“ a celebration of tenacity, determination, and potential. Beyond our cleaning offerings, we spotlight the unique abilities of mature women, particularly those over 40 with minimal formal education and limited work experience.

Our ambition is grounded in cultivating a conducive economic environment for these women. By introducing them to cleaning and maintenance roles, we acknowledge their diligence, combating the unemployment challenges they often face.

But our scope doesn’t end there. We further extend opportunities to young single mothers and mothers of children with psycho-physical disorders, helping them on their way towards a financially stable future.

Availing the services of “Super Woman” signifies more than cleanliness. It supports a woman’s path to independence and uplifts the community. Experience the exceptional standards maintained by our team and witness the transformation. Each immaculate space stands as a tribute to a woman’s resolve and our pledge to positive transformation.

Contact: 065/959-091 or 065/454-926

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