The impact of our social business is the employment of women over 40 years of age, NK education and no work experience.


Enter a realm where cleanliness elevates from mere necessity to a refined craft. Introducing SUPER WOMAN, Zvornik’s premier choice for comprehensive cleaning and maintenance solutions. Amidst a society filled with bustling activities, a polished environment can become secondary. SUPER WOMAN realigns this priority, bringing pristine environments within easy reach.

Central to our ethos is the vision to let living and working spaces shine with utmost cleanliness. From residential properties to commercial establishments, from secluded corners to expansive public areas, we pledge that every facet gleams under our meticulous care. Clients entrust their environments to us, and we consistently rise to meet their expectations with unwavering excellence.

Yet, our mission expands beyond mere cleaning. We envision ourselves as a catalyst for hope and opportunity, specifically for women over 40 years of age with basic educational backgrounds and minimal prior work experience. Often sidelined in the employment arena, these women find a sanctuary and a sense of purpose at SUPER WOMAN. By leveraging their capabilities, we do more than offer superior services; we cultivate an ambiance of empowerment and progression.

An examination of our portfolio showcases the range of our proficiency. “Super žena”, a pioneer in Zvornik, presents a broad spectrum of services. From meticulous cleaning of furniture, carpets, and vehicles to machine cleansing of durable surfaces. Our drive for advancement is evident; this year, we introduce laundry services to our suite of offerings, further broadening our expertise.

While our framework is currently not youth-centric, our unwavering dedication to the community and the pursuit of excellence signifies an ongoing journey of growth and inclusiveness.

With SUPER WOMAN, each environment narrates tales of precision, commitment, and an element of distinction. For unrivaled cleanliness, opt for the impeccable standard set by SUPER WOMAN.

Contact: 065 959 091

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