StudenTime provides students and high school students with the opportunity for practice and work experience in successful companies throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. StudenTime provides students and high school students with the opportunity to train and improve while still in school, so that after finishing it, they will be ranked as well as possible on the labor market and achieve as much success as possible in the business world.


Tuzla witnesses the rise of an ambitious initiative, a bridge composed of opportunity and ambition named STUDENTTIME. This platform exemplifies the compelling synergy between students poised to embark on their professional journeys and companies seeking emerging talent.

Central to STUDENTTIME is a vision for the future—a vision where students and high school pupils initiate their professional trajectories prior to graduation. Within this environment, students can delve into part-time employment, professional enrichment, and crucial consulting engagements.

The distinction of STUDENTTIME lies in its steadfast commitment to curate a platform bridging young talent with opportunity. For companies, it offers access to youthful, driven talent poised to introduce innovative approaches. Meanwhile, students receive a vantage point into the business realm, preparing them not merely as graduates but as professionals adept for industry challenges.

Since its inception in 2019, STUDENTTIME has ardently advocated for melding academic pursuits with tangible experience. Through its partnerships with notable private enterprises, public entities, and budget organizations, it transcends mere employment generation, shaping a cohort that’s adept, assured, and primed for business challenges.

STUDENTTIME’s ethos centers on its mission: to fortify students with the resources, acumen, and experiences essential for flourishing in a demanding marketplace. Because achieving professional success extends beyond securing employment; it’s about establishing a distinct presence.

To Bosnia and Herzegovina’s budding professionals: with STUDENTTIME, your moment has arrived. Together, we can seamlessly integrate academic pursuits with professional undertakings.


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