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Our team consists of skilled young people with disabilities who are not afraid of any (physically easy) work. We accept orders for the production of small decorative items, packaging, folding, sewing, painting, but we can also provide services such as household shopping, cleaning, auxiliary work outside and others. For us, large long-term orders are ideal, where we can work and automate processes and then repeat one activity for a long time. We are very pleased with auxiliary work for manufacturing companies, which we help with tasks that burden their internal staff and are a great pleasure for us. Thank you for every single order of our services.

Mission: In addition to employing disabled employees, we engage in volunteer activities in the field of ecology, mental health prevention, building healthy family relationships, educating young people, organizing events for children and youth in our city, and much more. We are involved in all meaningful initiatives in the region and support a friendly community life in our city and the surrounding area.

Impact: employment of disadvantaged and vulnerable persons

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