We are a socially responsible company in several fields: economic - our devices enable the reduction of heating costs, ecological - the use of our devices reduces emissions of harmful gases and gases, social - we increase awareness of global environmental problems, social - we give 51% of our profits to new projects of young and promising people.​


Envision a world where the sun’s brilliance extends beyond its illuminating rays, becoming an essential source to power our households. Introducing SOLHEAT – where renewable energy serves as an integral component of modern living.

Located in Živinice, SOLHEAT represents a vision of a sustainable and radiant future. In a time characterized by environmental challenges and resource constraints, SOLHEAT emerges as an exemplar of innovative solutions. Our purpose is to expedite the global transition towards energy efficiency, facilitating households in leveraging the endless potential of renewable sources.

At SOLHEAT, our conviction is that each household deserves access to pristine, renewable energy. This conviction aligns with a dual purpose: facilitating financial efficiency for users and forging a sustainable trajectory for the world. Through our products, households experience notable reductions in heating expenses and actively diminish their environmental impact. Utilizing our devices translates to curtailed emissions, incrementally advancing towards ecological purity.

Beyond environmental stewardship, our allegiance to societal betterment remains steadfast. We perceive ourselves as more than a commercial entity; we represent a transformative ethos. An ethos that not only promotes environmental consciousness but is also anchored in societal uplift. With this spirit, we redirect 51% of our profits towards initiatives led by the visionary youth, sowing seeds of forward-thinking endeavors.

A glance at our offerings introduces the Solheat 1 – a groundbreaking product conceptualized to supplement household heating during colder intervals. But our ambition doesn’t halt here. With a resolute dedication to renewable energy exploitation, SOLHEAT aspires to redefine household energy perspectives.

We invite you to partake in our quest for an enlightened, ecologically sound, and sustainable tomorrow. With SOLHEAT, harnessing the sun becomes effortlessly attainable.


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