Through supporting the development of social entrepreneurship in Peja, SEREC’s social goal is the growth of employment opportunities for marginalized groups, with a particular focus on empowering women and youth.

At SEREC, our mission is clear: we’re dedicated to circular economy practices, recycling and
reusing textile apparel. Our second-hand shop, built entirely from recycled materials, stands as
a testament to our commitment. Supported by “Let’s do it Peja,” and funded by the EU and Peja
Municipality, we’re striving for sustainable solutions. Education is key for us. We provide
vocational training in schools and centers, and our cloth-redesign program empowers students
with circular economy principles and teamwork skills. Beyond our business goals, we’re deeply
invested in social empowerment. Through fostering social entrepreneurship in Peja, we’re
creating jobs, particularly for marginalized groups. We place special emphasis on empowering
women and youth, knowing that this paves the way for positive change.

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