Bubble Pub

Since the launch of Bubble, there has been a consistent embrace of LGBT+ culture, with various communities participating in different LGBT+ events. Bubble's "Transition is not a privilege" campaign, which successfully raised funds to support 7 individuals in their sex reassignment procedures and hormonal therapy.

Bubble is more than just a bar; it’s the pioneering hub for Kosovo’s vibrant LGBT+ community. We’ve built a safe, inclusive space that celebrates diversity and acceptance. Our weekly lineup is as diverse as our community, featuring everything from karaoke and poetry nights to local singers’ performances, and captivating drag and comedy shows. At Bubble, it’s not just about support – it’s about connecting and socializing in a warm, welcoming environment.

Our mission is clear: we’re here to create a public space for Kosovo’s LGBT+ communities. We’re not just providing a place to hang out; we’re also generating employment opportunities and supporting the monetization of art. Plus, we’re working hard to foster an active, vibrant LGBT+ community within Kosovo. Since our launch, we’ve seen a tremendous embrace of LGBT+ culture. Our “Transition is not a privilege” campaign is a testament to our commitment. We successfully raised funds to support seven individuals in their sex reassignment procedures and hormonal therapy, showing that at Bubble, we stand for meaningful change and progress.

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