“Provita Cooperative”

Our mission is to combine natural and human potential.


Located in Prozor-Rama, the Provita Cooperative is the synergy of nature’s gifts and human aspirations. Our homemade jams, created with care, are a manifestation of our dedication to inclusivity, health, and empowerment.

Originating from the vision of the Association Glas (Voice) and four women, Provita operates as an axis of change. By procuring fruits and vegetables from marginalized societal sectors, we fuel inclusivity, ensuring broader community benefits.

Each jar from Provita Cooperative encapsulates nature’s essence, health, and a brighter society. Our steadfast commitment to employing those from vulnerable backgrounds makes every bite a step toward community elevation.

By embracing Provita, you invest in nature’s richness and a social mission that accentuates human rights, health, and holistic empowerment. Delve into the world of “Provita Cooperative”, where nature harmonizes with humanity, and every jar encapsulates hope and unity.

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