Montenegrin communities to thrive

Montenegrin communities to thrive

Paradigma NGO is a spin-off organization consisting of Meanderbug team members. While our ethos celebrates sustainable endeavors like our rural tourism social enterprise, we find that there are some challenges that require a one-time NGO approach to tackle some specific challenges. We formed Paradigma NGO in 2018 to aid in rural travel development. With the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, we have turned attention to helping Montenegrin communities during this difficult season.

Paradigma NGO fosters sustainable, eco-friendly practices and movements, as well as entrepreneurship in Montenegro.

NGO Paradigma helps families in need and educates the general population about sustainability, advocates sustainability and access to food for all.
Some statistics about NGO Paradigma work: 108 families helped in 2020,
10,000+ kilograms of seeds sown in Montenegro in order to encourage food production.

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