NVO Bioinformatika (Bioinform)


NVO Bioinformatika is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered in Montenegro since late 2021. We are an international team of bioinformaticians with competencies in both biology and computer science.

Mission: We are focused on providing young students with free educational content in bioinformatics and science in general. We organize training events and create educational blogs/podcasts. Furthermore, we offer guidance on bioinformatics career paths and Erasmus+ opportunities. In addition to contributing to the formation of the next generation of bioinformaticians, by raising awareness of the position of women in science and the protection of the environment, we would like to also contribute to the formation of responsible citizens.

Impact: Montenegro is facing a shortage in the number of researchers. In order to tackle this issue, we should promote science and related career paths among young students. However, in the survey that we conducted, the majority of high school students stated that they rarely have an opportunity to hear about practical applications of maths, natural sciences and computer science. Nevertheless, the majority of them expressed a strong interest in a training school in bioinformatics. With our initiatives we aim to fill the gap between the educational offer and the interest of students, thus contributing to the modernization of the higher education system and innovation in Montenegro.

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