LePetit.app is a mobile application that supports parents, pedagogues and therapists in the upbringing and education of children. With over 170 audio stories in the form of fairy tales and therapeutic stories that help children develop correct speech, deal with difficult situations, demanding behaviors and everyday challenges. In this way, we contribute to the development of quality education (SDG 4) by strengthening emotional intelligence and providing resources for better understanding and coping with life's challenges.


At the dynamic center of Sarajevo, a digital epoch dawns, powered by tales that transcend time. Presenting LE PETIT – a mobile application that stands as a nexus connecting generations, educators, and therapists.

Envision a realm where age-old fairy tales converge with therapeutic narratives, where each story plants the foundation for a child’s holistic development. LE PETIT crafts narratives that cater to the unique needs of its audience. In a world where technology might erect barriers, this platform builds bridges, unifying families, educators, and therapists through a collection of tales that educate, resonate, and inspire.

LE PETIT’s endeavor extends beyond storytelling. It emphasizes skill development, laying the groundwork for the future, fostering employment, entrepreneurship, and academic prowess. Through a library of over 170 tales available in the languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, they offer not merely amusement but enlightenment. The app features therapeutic stories penned by the esteemed author Susan Parow, creating narratives that guide children through life’s challenges with sensitivity and insight

Yet, LE PETIT’s attributes extend beyond its tales. Embedded in its digital core is an aspiration to cultivate the forthcoming generation. By fostering the talents of the youth, particularly those inclined towards IT, LE PETIT is shaping a future brigade of tech enthusiasts poised to sculpt the digital frontier.

For LE PETIT, every interaction underpins Sustainable Development Goal 4, every tale reinforces emotional intelligence. They represent not solely an application but an initiative, championing quality education, empathy, and resilience.

In homage to LE PETIT: a presence not only on your device but also in your ethos. Explore their platform, a realm where narratives both console and cultivate.

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