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Beyond with its product CollectiVibe Virtual Fair platform, supported by Collectivibe Communities technology, gives companies the opportunity to present and market their services and/or products through virtual channels, in this case virtual fair halls and virtual online communities. With its product, it facilitates communication and business during the pandemic and other emergency situations.โ€‹โ€‹



In the business landscape of Beograd, Beyond 42 consistently contributes to technological advancement and encourages untapped innovation.. As the digital age continues to sculpt our global landscape, Beyond 42 carves its niche by championing scientific research and amplifying technological capabilities across diverse sectors.

Their vision is transformative, envisioning a future where innovation is inextricably woven into our fabric. By 2030, Beyond 42 projects a surge in the research and development workforce, targeting an impressive one million professionals. This growth encompasses more than human resources; it reflects an overarching goal to increase both public and private stakes in research and innovation.

CollectiVibe, a pioneering product from Beyond 42, reimagines the business world. This platform offers a realm where businesses transform conventional stalls into dynamic 3D virtual environments, challenging traditional norms and boundaries. In an era marked by unprecedented challenges and restrictions, Beyond 42โ€™s solutions emerge as crucial connectors, facilitating uninterrupted communication and business continuity.

Yet, their portfolio’s breadth extends further. Software solutions crafted by Beyond 42 foster global connectivity, ensuring we remain interconnected regardless of external challenges. Of notable mention is LONAC, emblematic of the company’s capabilities.

For Beograd’s budding professionals, Beyond 42 represents an unparalleled opportunity. It serves as a crucible where innovative concepts meld with state-of-the-art technology, fostering an environment that nurtures, challenges, and prepares the next generation of leaders.

Embark with Beyond 42, and witness a future where technological ingenuity redefines boundaries and possibilities.

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