Humanitas Social Entrepreneurship

Employing hard-to-employ individuals through partnerships with similar businesses and other partners who support our mission.


Nestled within Banja Luka, Humanitas stands as a symbol of hope for those often overlooked by society. Established in 2022, with a notable business branch in Prijedor, our enterprise embodies resilience, community spirit, and the conviction that every individual should have the platform to prosper.

Originating from the humanitarian values of the Citizens’ Association Humanitas, our vision resonates with the association’s fundamental goal of community upliftment. We are dedicated to forging connections, dismantling obstacles, and offering unwavering support to individuals who face challenges in navigating traditional employment landscapes.

Spanning sectors from food production and trade to tourism, our multifaceted operations offer a plethora of opportunities for our employees to engage, evolve, and make impactful contributions. Behind each product, service, and initiative lies a steadfast commitment to quality, an aspiration for unparalleled excellence, and a sincere ambition to positively alter the trajectories of our stakeholders’ lives.

Our influence extends beyond our operations to the people we serve. We prioritize employing those who might find traditional employment challenging, granting them more than employment; we give them dignity, purpose, and a community. Our collaborative endeavors with businesses and organizations that echo our vision foster a collective push towards a society marked by inclusivity and empathy.

Engaging with Humanitas signifies a pledge to a brighter, compassionate tomorrow. Every interaction with our enterprise advances the vision of an egalitarian world where everyone, irrespective of their past or challenges, can achieve success.

Embark with us on the Humanitas journey—a path of opportunities, meaningful transformation, and the realization of collective aspirations.


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