General agricultural cooperative “ŽENA”

Economic empowerment of women through agribusiness


In Bratunac, the General Agricultural Cooperative “ŽENA” emerges as a beacon of purpose-driven unity. Our cooperative, anchored by the passion of women, symbolizes resilience, empowerment, and positive community change.

Initiated in 2013 under the guidance of the women’s association “Maja”, our unwavering mission is to facilitate the economic elevation of women facing societal challenges. Whether they are war survivors, victims of violence, mothers nurturing children with special needs, or ambitious persons from rural areas, our vision encompasses their growth and success.

Our expertise in agribusiness boasts a rich tapestry of offerings, grounded in both tradition and quality. Our plantation spans hectares, producing the luscious hues of frozen raspberries and the deep allure of blackberries. Alongside our bountiful produce, we provide exquisite catering services where each dish resonates with history and fervor. For the moments of celebration, we also offer equipment rentals to ensure each event stands out.

Our essence transcends our tangible products. Every engagement with “ŽENA” champions the cause of reducing unemployment among the marginalized. It’s our pledge to empower, to uplift the voiceless, and to enact change with each passing day.

Engaging with “ŽENA” integrates you into a broader vision that values organic production, the empowerment of women, and the aspiration for a society built on equitable opportunities.

Discover our world – where each berry narrates perseverance, every dish celebrates cultural legacy, and every service is a dedication to societal advancement.

Nada Marković, 056 465 365, 065 217 501

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