General agricultural cooperative “EKO-BUDUĆNOST”

OPZ "EKO-BUDUĆNOST" is a form of organization of voluntarily associated members that encourages and supports the creation and development of rural areas and advocates for the realization of the economic interests of all citizens, especially women victims of gender-based violence and other marginalized groups.


Located in Modriča, “EKO-BUDUĆNOST” stands as a pillar of empowerment and agricultural advancement, representing the spirit of community upliftment and a haven for marginalized women affected by gender-based violence.

Within the bounds of our 200 square meters greenhouses, tomatoes and strawberries are nurtured to perfection, and our processing equipment crafts delectable dried delicacies from plums. While Modriča is our home, our high-quality produce graces numerous markets and fairs, embodying our mission to elevate marginalized groups with each transaction

Driven by a profound mission, “EKO-BUDUĆNOST” prioritizes the economic empowerment of women. By providing ample opportunities for employment, self-employment, and fostering business acumen, we work tirelessly to fortify our community’s foundation. We operate as more than a cooperative; we are a collaborative entity, creating avenues for our members to market their produce and, in turn, sculpting the community’s future.

Engaging with “EKO-BUDUĆNOST” means embracing premium agricultural products and simultaneously championing a cause devoted to rural development, human rights, and the economic self-reliance of all, with an emphasis on supporting marginalized women. Experience the essence of EKO-BUDUĆNOST, where every offering resonates with tales of tenacity, empowerment, and optimism.


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