We bring the best to the table, from food, drinks, treats, and even nutritional supplements. We do our best to make our customers happy and satisfied, healthy and creative. Our efforts are always directed in the same direction. Our guidelines are sustainable development and the stimulation of economic growth through greater productivity and technological innovation. We want to achieve full and productive employment as well as ensure work worthy of a human being. People with disabilities also play an important role in our company.


Located in Sarajevo is GENEX, a brand that exemplifies purity, dedication, and a commitment to inclusivity. GEMEX represents more than just water production; it shines as a symbol of hope and purpose in the industry.

Water, an invaluable resource, demands reverence. With global concerns surrounding water quality, GEMEX guarantees that its output epitomizes nature’s gift β€” pure and invigorating. BISTRICA, GEMEX’s signature natural waters, whether effervescent or tranquil, embody the zenith of purity, delivering refreshment and solace to consumers.

Yet, the essence of GEMEX extends beyond its liquid offerings. Each bottle harbors an empowering narrative of respect and dignity. In a realm where individuals with disabilities might encounter barriers, GEMEX acts as an exemplary model, underscoring the notion that potential isn’t bound by physical constraints.

For GEMEX, the enterprise’s vision surpasses traditional business objectives. Their mission emphasizes more than hydration; it underscores holistic nourishment. They advocate for a world where unity and equity prevail, and they are fervent champions of sustainable development. Their ethos places emphasis on creating a realm where every individual, especially those with disabilities, experiences respect and productivity.

Established in 2019, GEMEX has sculpted a path characterized by inclusivity and diversity. Their diverse product range, highlighted by their pristine waters, also extends to an array of offerings available through their “My Shop” digital platform. The brand’s dedication permeates each product, every team member, and their entire customer base.

To the upcoming generation, particularly those with disabilities, GEMEX offers more than a mere professional engagement. It emerges as a sanctuary where aspirations are realized, skills acknowledged, and futures crafted.

Immerse yourself in GEMEX’s domain, a realm where each droplet narrates a saga of hope, unity, and sheer purity.


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