Etno Rasina

Agriculture, Community development and mobilization, Diversity and inclusion, Employment

The social mission of Etno Rasina is based on the reaffirmation of old traditions, which to the greatest extent are known to the elderly population of rural areas, thus helping the networking of producers and dignified work. Additionally, by engaging people with disabilities (deaf and hard of hearing), as well as other sensitive and marginalized groups. In cooperation with specialized associations that deal with people with disabilities, they organize workshops and training for work integration.


Handmade products – clothing items of traditional costume, bags, hats, caps, bedding, souvenirs, etc.


The social enterprise Etno Rasina was founded in the form of the Association for the Affirmation and Promotion of Old Crafts with the aim of promoting handicrafts, preserving traditional ways of making clothes, souvenirs and items for furnishing the interior, as well as encouraging the production of handicrafts as a promising but insufficiently developed economic activity. In the process of making handicrafts, Etno Rasina engages marginalized and sensitive groups with the aim of labor integration into the market, while investing in the development of the city of Krusevac is also done through humanitarian actions and donations.


To contribute to the reaffirmation of old traditions and community development in rural areas through networking of small producers and hard to employ people.

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