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Mushroom network is a social enterprise that will grow mushrooms and at the same time will be a service for growing mushrooms, in which training will be carried out for people who belong to the category of: young Roma, young people without parental care, young people with disabilities, young girls, young – cured drug addicts, socially vulnerable people and young unemployed people from rural areas.

Mission: Our social enterprise is seen in achieving two goals: education of the target group for own mushroom production and own mushroom production by hiring young unemployed people who belong to the target group.

The production of mushrooms is an ideal solution for family work therapy for people who are socially threatened, it will enable them to produce food in crisis conditions, the oyster mushroom gives fruit in just one month from planting, which is the fastest agricultural crop, which brings a quick expected economic return . Medicinal mushrooms – Shiitake, Reishi, Grifola frondosa, Lion’s Mane, which are anticarcinogenic and can be included as occupational therapy, are especially interesting for cultivation.

The primary goal is the creation of a motivational atmosphere, in order for people from our target group to start dealing with the organic production of various types of mushrooms, using local organic waste, which would also achieve the secondary goal, environmental protection in our region.

Impact: The contribution of these activities leads to the achievement of our short-term goals such as:

  • Providing professional assistance and support for the production of different types of mushrooms in the manufacturing place,
  • as a network we will also help in the part of mushroom placement,
  • we will establish a digital mushroom shop,
  • we will provide more information about the nutritional value of mushrooms

Long-term goals – Reduction of youth unemployment.

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