Our impact refers to: Social aspect: by implementing digital signage solutions, we contribute to the digital transformation of public or private areas, making communication with citizens or clients more efficient and transparent. Environmental aspect: when developing products and solutions for our clients/users, we carefully consider the environmental aspect. Eduteh doo returns 51% of profits to the local community in the development of digital singage solutions.​​


Sarajevo is undergoing a measured digital evolution, with EduTeh contributing to this transformative journey. This enterprise heralds a confluence of technology and sustainability, aiming to champion inclusive growth and reshape industrial paradigms.

EduTeh represents more than a conventional digital marketing firm; it embodies a robust vision. This vision focuses on elevating Bosnia & Herzegovina’s industrial landscape, with ambitious targets to amplify employment and contribute significantly to the SDGs by 2030. Through their endeavors, Bosnia & Herzegovina aspires not to merely adapt to digital evolutions but to lead them.

Digital signage transcends mere visual appeal—it redefines public communication. EduTeh leverages this potent tool, refining communication mechanisms in both public and private domains. The result? Enhanced transparency, efficiency, and an enriched user experience.

EduTeh’s philosophy integrates technological prowess with an inherent respect for the environment. Every offering, every solution is meticulously crafted, reflecting their commitment to sustainability. Their dedication extends beyond the environment, with a notable portion of their profits—51%—reinvested into community upliftment.

With two stalwart brands under its aegis— and Benchvertising—EduTeh pioneers advancements in the digital signage industry. From cloud-driven content management to avant-garde digital multimedia benches, innovation remains their cornerstone.

For the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina, EduTeh offers an unparalleled platform—a unique confluence of digital marketing expertise, hands-on experience, and a mission emphasizing both industrial growth and environmental stewardship.

Collaborate with EduTeh, and participate in sculpting a technologically advanced, sustainable, and flourishing future for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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