Diversity and inclusion, Employment, Health and wellbeing

Products: 1. Unleavened flour mixes (including gluten free version, diet version and others); 2. Mixtures of spices (such as Italian, Mexican, but also Provençal spice and Humalaya salt); 3. Healthy snacks (chili bars with seeds and crackers with grains); 4. Drinks and teas (K’oChoko).

Services:  In 2016, the educational center from Leskovac formed the Initiative for Social Empowerment, within which the social enterprise “Chrono” was created, with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles, local producers and encouraging social empowerment of marginalized groups.

Mission: To contribute to empowerment, education and employment of people from vulnerable groups.

Impact: “Chrono” directly employs people from vulnerable groups, includes them in the supply chain of raw materials and product placement, increases their visibility. When sourcing raw materials, whenever possible, Chrono sources locally, promotes local producers and artists, and like other social or socially responsible enterprises, such as associations of people with disabilities and student workshops at high schools. Company profits are reinvested in production or in programs for the development of social entrepreneurship.

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