Bistro Academica

Academica-VUM is a social enterprise with a mission to create a sustainable presence in society by providing vocational training, employment opportunities, and support services for people with long-term disabilities, primarily in the hospitality industry. They operate a Sheltered Employment Centre that assists individuals in finding jobs while offering psychological consultations, mentoring, their integration into society and unlock their potential. This initiative receives financial support from the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. Additionally, the enterprise has a significant youth component, with over 50% of its team consisting of motivated individuals under 29 years old who actively participate in work activities and youth-focused initiatives.

The address of the Social Enterprise

– Varna str. “Oborishte” 13A – if using google map options note that it does not give the correct address

Website and/or social media channel

– FB: 

– web site:

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ulitsa "Oborishte" 13A
Varna 9000 Varna BG
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