Bílá vrána

Employment, Diversity and Inclusion, Other - Working with disadvantaged groups/people with disabilities, Sustainable production and consumption

‘Bílá vrána’ (White Crow) is a cafe that not only invites you in with its spacious, yet cosy interior and delicious freshly-made food from local ingredients, but also with a lovely vibe of welcomeness. This social enterprise that is run by the NGO POHODA not only excels at customer service, food quality and delivery, but also invests in providing quality life and work experiences to people with mental and combined disabilities. Currently, ‘Bílá vrána’ has 10 long-term employees with disabilities that prepare refreshments, take care of the area, provide customer service and catering, meanwhile building valuable paid work experience, enhancing their social skills and having aspirations and dreams to fulfil like any one of us, because they can! Check out their e-shop, where you can also purchase their delicious goods, as well as different gifts and souvenirs.

Products: patisserie, desserts, cakes, snacks, edible and non-edible gifts, souvenirs

Services: cafe, catering at events of different scale

Mission: to provide on-the-job training in cafe and catering services and long-term employment to people with mental and combined disabilities, to advocate for opportunities, acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities in the labour market and in the society

Impact: the enterprise provides long-term employment to 10 employees with mental and combined disabilities and advocates for their inclusion and acceptance in the society

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