Sustainable Production and Consumption, Environment, Health and Well-being, Employment, Diversity and Inclusion, Agriculture

‘AnnKas’ ecological beekeeping farm is a place, where expertise and passion for bees results in something wonderful and long-lasting! You can even come and see it for yourself – if you book an excursion or a team building activity for your company! But that’s not it – beside loving and taking care of bees the best way they can and knowing everything about them, ‘AnnKas’ makes use of bee products in many creative ways. In their e-shop you can purchase high quality honey, beeswax candles and decorations, gift sets or even book an apitherapy massage course among many other things. ‘AnnKas’ also actively cooperates with other producers (and sells their goods), NGOs and businesses in the region and beyond, and offers seasonal jobs for long-term unemployed or otherwise disadvantaged people in the region, altogether creating an impact that matters on so many levels.

Products: honey, beeswax products (candles, decorations, gift sets), beekeeping products and honey products from other producers (cosmetics, beverages)
Services: excursions, educational and team building workshops, apitherapy

Mission: to raise awareness about bees, ecological beekeeping and the benefits of consuming bee products on many levels through offering different products and services

Impact: the enterprise raises awareness about bees and the benefits of bee products through different products and engaging activities, offers seasonal jobs when possible to long-term unemployed or otherwise disadvantaged individuals in the region – so far the enterprise had provided employment to 2 women with young children and 1 woman with medical disability, and also occasional jobs to women that are long-term unemployed.


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