Association Uzdravlje

The mission of the Uzdravlje association is to provide better working conditions for people with disabilities through agricultural production.


Presenting Association Uzdravlje – where the fruits of commitment transcend mere agricultural output. Located in the peaceful surroundings of Mrkonjić Grad, our institution serves as a pillar of support for those marginalized in society.

At the heart of our mission lies a profound commitment: Crafting an environment where persons with disabilities not only find employment but also experience respect, inclusion, and empowerment. By delving into organic agricultural practices, we offer a platform for these individuals to demonstrate their abilities, challenging prevailing misconceptions and redefining norms.

Our 7 dunum sample agricultural estate is a testament to our endeavors. Witness raspberry bushes nurtured with precision and aligned with organic guidelines. But these raspberries represent more than nutrition; they are emblems of optimism. Proceeds from every sale support mental health beneficiaries in Mrkonjić Grad, translating each transaction into an investment in community cohesion.

At Uzdravlje, agriculture transcends mere cultivation to embody therapeutic values. Our estate offers a haven for work-occupational therapy, granting participants from the mental health center an opportunity to connect with nature and revitalize.

While our emphasis centers on persons with disabilities, we recognize and harness the enthusiasm of the youth. Young volunteers, spanning diverse abilities, enrich the Uzdravlje community with their presence. They integrate timeless agricultural traditions with contemporary methodologies, infusing vitality into our processes.

By aligning with Association Uzdravlje, patrons are not merely selecting organic produce or a rural tourism escapade. Instead, they’re supporting a vision. A vision where every individual, regardless of their distinct challenges, is acknowledged, contributes meaningfully and relishes life’s inherent joys.

We invite you to collaborate with us in cultivating this vision into reality.


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