The mission of our company is to, through capacity expansion, enable the largest possible number of members of the Roma nationality and other vulnerable categories of society to get the opportunity to gain work experience and appropriate training, which will enable them to more easily enter the formal labor market and earn a regular income.


In Bijeljina, “AGRO-PLAN” stands as an advocate for environmental stewardship and societal inclusion. Committed to the Roma community and other marginalized groups, we foster employment opportunities, build connections, and alter the trajectory of countless lives.

Our 0.61 ha terrain bursts with organic vitality. With 2,600 m2 allocated to specialized greenhouse production and expansive open fields, our produce portfolio boasts 20 distinctive items. Moreover, our foray into the creation of organic ajvar and tomato juice since 2021 has been met with considerable enthusiasm.

Central to “AGRO-PLAN” is its mission to uplift members of the Roma nationality and other marginalized factions. Beyond mere employment, we offer an environment for comprehensive work experiences and skill development. Such a holistic approach targets long-term integration into the formal labor market and ensures familial economic stability.

Engaging with “AGRO-PLAN” amplifies your commitment to environmental sustainability and social inclusivity. Immerse yourself in the ethos of “AGRO-PLAN”, where quality, inclusivity, and a brighter future converge.


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