The mission of "AGRO-PLAN" is to, through the expansion of its capacities, enable as many members of the Roma nationality and other vulnerable categories of society as possible to gain work experience and appropriate training that will enable them to more easily enter the formal labor market and obtain a regular job. income.


Introducing “AGRO-PLAN” โ€“ Bijeljina’s dedicated venture into the domain of organic agriculture. Our venture goes beyond simple cultivation, embracing community nourishment, the empowerment of marginalized women, and the adoption of sustainable practices that resonate across our landscapes.

Our mission emphasizes inclusivity and progressive development. By fostering organic fruit and vegetable growth, we direct our efforts towards uplifting women, particularly those from the Roma community and other vulnerable societal sections. Through employment and training opportunities, we enhance their economic prospects and foster a sense of accomplishment and belonging.

Situated in the tranquil heart of Semberija, our organic operations span an expansive 0.61 ha. With greenhouses stretching across 2,600 mยฒ, the vigor of growth is evident biannually in autumn and spring. From verdant greens in autumn to vibrant vegetables in spring, our team is unwavering in their commitment to delivering produce that stands apart in quality and purity.

Expanding beyond cultivation, we delve into processing, producing flavorsome products like organic ajvar and tomato juice โ€“ reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and ecological sustainability. Our organic certification emblem showcases our allegiance to practices that prioritize the environment.

The distinctiveness of “AGRO-PLAN” lies in our broader vision for community enrichment. Beyond empowering women, we incorporate the energy of the youth, offering them paths for employment and experiential learning in organic agriculture. Volunteer opportunities, specialized internships for agriculture students, and employment roles reinforce our belief in integrating youth into our shared objective of a sustainable and inclusive tomorrow.

Selecting “AGRO-PLAN” means aligning with a mission that underscores community development, ecological guardianship, and the conviction that every person, regardless of their origins, possesses the capability to positively influence society. Embark with us on this transformative journey, and collaboratively, we can cultivate a legacy of change.

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