“Анастасија Центар” “Anastasija Center”

Youth programs whose main target group are the young people

“Anastasija Center” is a performing arts center which offers a variety of programs such as: dance school, music school, music and dance therapy for people with disabilities, training concept, fashion studio, space rental and the project “Bitola te sakam” which aims to gather established talents from 4 to 19 years old in the field of art, science, sports and other talents.

Social Impact of the SE

Equality of persons with disabilities and obstacles in development in the everyday environment, as well as their psychophysical, emotional and spiritual development through the organization of cultural and artistic manifestations and their social social inclusion

Mission of the SE

-psychophysical and spiritual development of children, young people and adults in Bitola and beyond

-returning to the real norms and values ​​of living

-raising awareness among youth and adults about the arts

-maximum emphasis on young talents and their full support

-bringing the scene closer to the members and practical implementation of their activities

-trainings on a healthy diet and taking care of one’s own health

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