Diversity and Inclusion - Education -Community development and mobilization -Art and culture

POP is below – pub buzzing with energy with active music scene and spacious bar, behind which bartenders tend both to your glasses and your troubles and are sure to talk you into getting some of these fine colorful cocktails and POPular snacks. ART is above – chillout zone surrounded by works of art during the day, in the evening
https://www.facebook.com/ popartlodz/

cultural and ARTistic center with it is the very own bar- café.

Mission: The mission of the bar is to have a young enterprise with an inclusive atmosphere.

Impact: the affluence and participation in this space is interesting and engaging and many young people and students take part in events organized in this SE.

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plac Wolności 6
Łódź 90-001 Łódzkie PL
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