POH, s.r.o. „registrovaný sociálny podnik“

construction, waste and recycling

We are a construction and trading company. We offer complex turnkey constructions, whether they are renovations, new constructions or industrial buildings. We focus on building elements of green infrastructure in inner-city and extra-city areas of municipalities. It is about the realization of vegetation “green” roofs, walls, ecological permeable paved surfaces, rain gardens. We also offer separate ecological building material for sale, which is 100% made from recycled materials. We educate our customers on the transition to a circular economy. Our customers range from large development companies, construction companies to small builders and individuals. We focus on cities and towns and offer them our construction services.

Mission: By carrying out constructions and their changes with a focus on elements of green infrastructure, such as the modification of ordinary roofs to vegetated roofs, garden modifications to reduce asphalt areas, such as retention areas of parking lots with the aim of increasing greenery in built-up areas, the implementation of anti-noise measures implemented by construction, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings. In the field of education and awareness raising, the company is engaged in educational activities contributing to positive changes in the field of climate change with a focus on the circular economy. The circular economy consists of an intelligent solution to the population’s consumption followed by the repair of usable resources, their reprocessing and at the same time waste management up to the return of raw materials to the economy and their reuse in the production cycle already in the form of secondary raw materials.

Impact: employment of disadvantaged and vulnerable persons

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