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Products: 1. Eco pens – box 1/6 – a pack of 6 hand-made eco pens from recycled paper. HB graphite and each one is different in design; 2. Eco crayons – box of 12 colors – pack of 12 handmade crayons from old newspapers. 12 different colors and in accordance with EN 71; 3. Eco coloring book – with 6 crayons – coloring book printed on recycled paper whose main purpose is to bring environmental problems and solutions closer to the smallest ones; 4. Eco pencils – pack of 90 pencils – this pack contains machine-made pencils from recycled material.

Services:  The social enterprise NewPen was founded in 2018 in the city of Smederevska Palanka, with the aim of offering the market of pencils and crayons graphite pencils, and crayons made of recycled newsprint, with a vision of contributing to environmental protection.

Mission: To contribute to the communities development and sustainability through applying recycle models of production and promoting environmental protection.

Impact: The social enterprise NewPen contributes to the community through the recycling of newspapers and the creation of pens and crayons on the market, thus promoting environmental protection, but also operationally contributing to the replacement of products in this industry that do not use substitutes but destroy the environment (forests).

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